Before & After

Technically, I should’ve named this page Before & Now, as this is still a work in progress, since I’m not even close to my weight loss goal.  Even though, my #1 goal is to get off my blood-pressure medications, followed by goal #2 to quit eating out of control, goal #3 of getting to a normal weight will be helpful in getting my blood-pressure down and minimizing my already high risk of getting diabetes.

My original low-carb journey began in fall of 2009 and I had many ups and self-defeating downs since then.  Realizing that I cannot continue the path I’m on without getting myself in trouble, I decided that something had to be done.  I entered into a bet with my colleague mid March of 2011 – a little competition can’t hurt.  She was getting ready to leave Germany and wanted to lose some weight before she went.  Within about 3 months, I was down 12 lbs and she managed to lose 5 or 6 lbs.  We both got a big laugh when we ran into each other at the movie theater one night, both holding a large bag of popcorn topped with tons of butter – at least the battle-field was even.  She has now left Germany (I won) and I am still on my mission to get this weight and my blood-pressure down.

Here’s how I’m doing

          Before                                                                                                Right Now

Me at about 205 lbs in April 2011

One year later in March 2012 at 185 lbs

I must admit, my before picture had a pretty bad camera angle….

Date:  3/25/11                                                                   Date: 5/14/12

Weight: 208 lbs                                                                Weight: 185 lbs   Lbs Lost: 23  Lbs to Go: 51.2

Blood Pressure:  117/72 with 2 medications                       Blood pressure:  124/85

Shirt Size:  1X                                                                 Shirt Size:  L

Pant Size:  18W                                                              Pant Size:  16/18

BMI:  36 = Class II Obese                                                 BMI:  34.4 = Class I Obese


4/16/11  Walked 12 km around a Lake in Garmisch.  If I would’ve known how far it was, I would’ve never done it!!!  We didn’t find out until we checked the web in the hotel room how big the lake was… Other than being dead-tired that evening (let’s not talk about my footsies), it was actually a gorgeous walk with me stopping every 2 minutes to take a picture.

8/14/11 Made it through a weekend without Binging.  This was a tough one, but I tackled the weekend with a different mindset and managed to go to 2 festivals / fairs without spiraling into a binge cycle.

5/13/12  No Gain after going on the Low-Carb Cruise.  Had a blast and checked off a few items of my bucket list:  I went on a cruise,I swam with sting-rays, chilled out under palm trees at a white beach, and swam in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.


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